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TOOLZ - Battle Rope

TOOLZ - Battle Rope
TOOLZ - Battle Rope
Производител: Topspin
Код на продукт: TOTBRO
Наличност: Pre-Order
Цена: 160.00лв

Toolz Battle Rope

• Allround Training Rope for strength endurance training and strengthening the core muscles

• The Battle Rope is suitable for all performance Level

• High quality material •Long durability

• Outdoor suitable • Very good "wave properties"

• cable ends covered with non-slip handles

• Length: 15 m

• Diameter: 35 mm

• Weight: 10 kg

• Material: Durable polyester

 Further product information: The Toolz Battle Rope is ideal for an effective strength workout and to strengthen the entire core muscles. The Battle Rope of Toolz is characterized especially by its long durability and very good "wave Properties". By non-slip handles, a length of 15 meters and a weight of 10 Kg, this Battle Rope is the perfect choice to power many level cover.

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