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TOOLZ Parachute

TOOLZ Parachute
TOOLZ Parachute TOOLZ Parachute
Производител: Topspin
Код на продукт: TOTSC
Наличност: Pre-Order
Цена: 45.00лв

TOOLZ Parachute - Training Utilities Engineered by Topspin 

Data for equipment: 
  • Attachment of the parachute to the included waist strap 
  • Waist belt is adjustable in size 
  • Screen is stabilized by symmetrically placed cords 
  • easy to transport, due to low weight and the included bag 
  • Draw resistance varies from 7 to 14 kg, depending on running speed 
  • can be used without the aid and partner
Applications for training: 
  • ultimate training tool out and improve the sprint, strength and endurance properties 
  • Simply attach the adjustable waist belt size on the body and start with many different exercises 
  • The faster the rotor, the greater the total resistance (up to 14 kg) 
  • Improve your running technique, through targeted resistance on the body center (center of gravity) 
  • frenquenzorientiertes Training - Step frequency is improved without step length to shorten 
  • 360 ° insert - possibility to run in any direction 
  • suitable for almost every sport - sprint and endurance skills are always in demand 
  • long and short sprints possible
Additional Information: 
The new Toolz parachute is the perfect training tool to improve certain skills of an athlete. Actually suitable for sprinting, strength and endurance training, can be improved by the parachute and your own running technique. The targeted resistance of the parachute the pressure is applied specifically to the midsection and then drops the center of gravity always the same. After attaching the parachute to the included waist strap, the training can start immediately and without assistance. The faster the rotor, the higher the resistance to the individual. This can vary from 7 to 14 kg. 
With the new parachute can be the perfect workout for any sport perform. Most of sprint training used, the training person starts at a certain point and runs to a certain destination. The best examples are the 100m run or 100-yard run in football. Moreover, there is also the possibility of long distance at a low speed to run in order to achieve such a constant resistance. By 360 ° use the parachute and many direction changes during walking are possible.


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